Making Me

As I write I am 32 years old and almost 20 pounds overweight.

I know who I am but that awareness hasn’t yet caught up with the bad habits I seem to maintain.

For one, I am attempting to grasp something other than a fork to dig in to the cake I ordered and had delivered to myself.

Yes to myself.

Long story for another post.

I’m not new to blogging. I had a decent blog a couple years ago. Nothing viral but I had a good 10 regular readers. OK fine, 8. My mom and I don’t count .

That one I’d post on Facebook and it had its own page.

This one I won’t post to Facebook myself .

1) I no longer use FB.

2) I’m not ready to be aware of when people I personally know are reading it.

See, my idea behind all this is to let you walk through this all with me.




Religion  (or lack thereof )




All of it… in an effort to force myself to become the person I know I’m capable of becoming but continually self-sabotage.

Maybe that should be my first real post (seeing as this turned out to be more or an About Me post):

“Pizza, Cake, and Me:

Why Fat Me Hates the Skinny, Healthy, Hot Me Hiding in the Flab”




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